Dentistry is a field where digitalisation is bringing enormous benefits for both patients and laboratories. These are exciting times where the introduction of affordable, precision technology is driving the development of innovative restoration materials focussing on strength and aesthetics.

Roland has 30 years experience in manufacturing accurate and accessible milling machines and the DWX dental milling solutions are a testament to that wealth of knowledge.

The DWX-51D is a 5 axis milling machine which can produce stunning full contour zirconia crowns and bridges. With high translucency and skilled colouring, these restorations combine durability with beauty. The DWX-4W goes beyond dry milling to quickly and precisely cut glass ceramics and composite resins using new wet milling technology.

Both the DWX-51D and DWX-4W can be used to create traditional crown and bridge applications, inlays, onlays and veneers - bringing production in-house through these simple, intuitive solutions. In addition because of its 5-Axis capabilities; the DWX-51D can create custom abutments, implant bars, full arches, surgical guides and partials.

Milling wax for bonded or pressed work and PMMA temporaries take up far less of the technician's time to complete and the results are hard to beat. The machines offer unattended milling convenience and increased efficiency with the option of standard 98mm disc blanks or up to loading up to nine standard pin-type blocks at a time for the DWX-51D, and up to three standard pin-type blocks at a time for the DWX-4W.

Digital technology such as the Roland DWX-51D and DWX-4W provides genuine opportunities for laboratories to grow their business by increasing productivity, improving quality consistency and maximising staff efficiency. Featuring Roland DG's famous reliability and product support, they provide the ultimate in affordable and dependable milling technology.

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