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3D Prototyping
3D Prototyping
Rolands Subtractive Rapid Prototyping (SRP) solutions offer several low cost advantages over 3D printers and other rapid prototyping systems.
3D Scanning
Roland 3D laser scanners and touch probe scanners are perfect for a wide variety of CAD, computer graphics and biomedical applications.
Commercial Print
Rolands industry leading printers include high-speed print modes, exceptional media feed and take-up systems and automated maintenance.
Innovations in smart materials are changing the way dental restorations are produced. With both wet and dry milling solutions Roland Easyshape has the ultimate technology to meet these growing demands.
Prepare students for careers in sign making, graphic design, CAD/CAM, manufacturing and packaging design using Rolands market leading products.
Roland engraving systems offer solutions for personalised gifts, jewellery, signs, commemorative plaques, industrial engraving and more.
Funeral Directors
Say goodbye to pantographs and manual plate engraving methods with the fast,affordable Roland EGX-30A funeral plate engraver.
Garment Decoration
Create customised results in minutes with Roland R-Wear solutions. Diamante, rhinestones, graphics and transfers can add real value to your product lines.
Roland have print, engraving and milling machines available to enable the in-house production of many different types of Goverment jobs.
Impact Imaging
The new Roland Metaza MPX-80 Photo Impact Engraver fits on a desk, counter or workbench and creates pin-sharp hologram style images on an incredible range of items.
Industrial Engraving
A range of platforms that can take the largest work pieces and deliver the deepest cutting depths, Roland tools can handle the most demanding jobs.
Jewellery & Gifts
Add value to jewellery and gifts, turning them into treasured mementos by personalising them with text, artwork and photos.
Labels, Stickers and Decals
Rolands integrated printing and cutting technology is revolutionising the label, decal, membrane switch panel and packaging industries.
Roland MDX machines are currently being used to design and produce custom dental bridges and crowns, medical implants and much more.
Packaging Solutions
Roland's integrated printing and cutting technology is revolutionizing the label, decal, and packaging industries.
The VersaCAMM, SolJet and the Hi-Fi JET Pro systems reduce outsourcing, improve job control and give flexibility of in-house graphics production.
Personalised Engraving
As the world leader in rotary engraving, Roland offers a complete lineup of rotary engravers and impact printers. Personalisetrophies, gift items, nametags, badges, jewellery and more.
Product Design
Our 3D scanning products enable a range of materials to be modelled and concepts proven before committing to full production.
Over the last decade, wide format textile printing technologies have dramatically lowered the barriers to entering the textile printing industry.
Signs, POS & Graphics
Roland has the industry's best-selling line of wide-format inkjets covering production for all types of signs, POS and graphics.
Vehicle Wrapping
If it moves, it can be wrapped! Make a bold statement of expression with our state-of-the-art inkjet printers, printer/cutters and vinyl cutters to give you a competitive edge.