Funeral Directors

The EGX-30A is particularly suited to engraving funeral plates as it is a fast, efficient and affordable tool, designed to give you peace of mind.

With the EGX-30A you can say goodbye to pantographs and manual plate engraving methods, enabling you to dedicate more time to your business. In tests, plates have been engraved in less than 3 minutes and, whilst your EGX-30A engraver is getting on with its job, you’ll have more time to get on with yours.

As well as providing speed and affordability the EGX-30A produces professional results every time with strong and excellent engraving text, true type and engraving fonts. Unlike the Pantograph there is no wastage as the EGX-30A does not make mistakes. Any member of your team can operate the system and no engraving experience is required.

The EGX-30A is a creative and versatile tool allowing you to engrave any image or font type. Using the optional extraction system, the EGX-30A will remain as clean as the day it was installed, thus reducing any potential maintenance requirements.

The EGX-30A comes with dedicated software which means you can start getting the best from your machine straight away, with no more manual labour. This dedicated software system with automatic engraving means that you will no longer require brass letters and even though this EGX-30A is compact in size and quiet in operation it still has a large engraving area. The EGX-30A provides the funeral industry with peace of mind and valuable time savings.

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