Imagine a tool that lets you make completely customised products for any patient, from a wide range of materials. A single machine able to scale with your growth, from prototype to full production. One that is flexible and easy enough to operate without expensive technicians or software. And affordable enough to add additional machines as production increases at a fraction of the cost of large CNC mills. This is the thinking behind Roland Rapid Custom Manufacturing (RCM) solutions, a modular approach to help companies grow profitably. Customers dramatically benefit from improved fit, accuracy and materials. RCM technology is currently being used to design and produce custom dental bridges and crowns, medical implants and much more.

To produce highly detailed products - MDX series milling machines produce highly detailed parts with smooth surface finishes and tight tolerances, perfect for complex snap-fits. They are ideal for producing medical implants, prototypes, and other Rapid Custom Manufactured (RCM) parts from wood, brass, aluminium and a wide range of plastics. With the MDX series, you can create prototypes for functional testing, electrical testing and to prove part manufacturability. A DC Brushless motor increases torque for fast, accurate prototypes. Roland RCM solutions come complete with CAM software, creating a seamless workflow with all major 3D CAD applications. The MDX-540 and MDX-40A have maximum work area of 500mm x 400mm x 155m and 305mm x 305mm x 105mm respectively.

The included SRP Player CAM software automates the prototyping process and generates tool paths with high speed and precision. The user-friendly, wizard-based program offers uniform 3D scaling, support for 4-axis milling, and simulation of finished 3D parts. It lets engineers quickly review the simulated prototype on the monitor and send it to an MDX milling machine for production. The end result is faster prototype production, tighter dimensional accuracies and a silky smooth surface finish.

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