Personalised Engraving

Roland engravers combine reliability and ease of use. The EGX-30A is today’s most cost-effective, computerised engraving solution. It’s ideal for producing badges, signs, awards, personalised gift items and rhinestone decorated clothing. Powered by a 20,000 rpm DC brushless motor, the EGX-350 Desktop Engraver quickly and easily produces a wide range of popular jobs with crisp text and clear graphics for custom rhinestone clothing as well as awards, signs and gifts. The EGX-600/400 Benchtop Engravers provide high speed engraving combined with heavy-duty power and unmatched precision. A host of advanced features make them versatile and easy-to-operate. These computerised engravers enable you to produce a wide variety of applications including 3D reliefs for distinctive signs as well as name plates, awards and trophies, medallions, Braille signage, control panels and much more. A powerful suite of software is included.

For engraving onto cylindrical metals and glass the Roland EGX-360 Rotary Gift Engraver is superbly engineered for ease of use and safety. It engraves complex designs onto curved, cylindrical, domed, flat and irregular surfaces including glass, acrylics, woods, laminates, metals and many other materials. Extensive fixture options secure a variety of products, including glassware, bottles, vases, tankards, goblets, flasks, watches, rings, pens, plaques, trophy cups, trophy shields, signs and control panels.

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Photo Impact Printing

For an unbelievably low entry-price, you can add value to a wide range of jewellery and gifts, turning them into treasured mementos. Rolandís unique MPX Photo Impact Engraver quickly and easily adds text, photos, logos and other artwork to a wide variety of metal and acrylic items from souvenirs and plaques to charms and pendants.

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