Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle Wrapping

Roland provide the highest performance vehicle graphics solutions in the industry. From cars, motorcycles, boats to planes and mobility scooters, bicycles and even tanks, if it has a motor or moves, then you can wrap it with visually stunning, highly personalised and creative graphics and livery decals.

Whether it’s for one-off personalised wraps or large volume fleet graphics, with a Roland wide format printer or vinyl cutter you can quickly and easily create high quality and versatile die-cut vehicle graphics, decals, airbrush stencilling and lettering, clear paint protection film, window tinting and pinstriping. In fact, even the MotoGP World Championship use Roland equipment to produce a range of graphics, including motorcycle decals, event signage and on-track advertisements, helping to prove that when it comes to vehicle graphics, Roland is leading the race.

Using our Eco-Sol Max ink available in 9 different colours including metallic and white, you can now offer even more stylish accents to vehicle wraps. And, when combined with the inks’ high durability and their long-lasting resistance to even the strongest UV light rays, vehicle wraps printed on a Roland will leave the lasting impression your customers deserve and their vehicles need. With Roland you can help keep you and your customers’ businesses on the move.

Want to learn how you can produce vehicle graphics? Check out our popular Vehicle Wrapping course at the Roland Academy.

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