Where to Buy

If you are interested in buying or finding out more about a Roland product then please contact us online or ring us on 01275 335 540.

Roland sells its products through a network of selected Authorised Dealers in the UK and Ireland who have met the stringent criteria required to represent Roland. Our dealers operate across a range of different markets and are situated in different locations throughout UK and Ireland. We therefore advise that you contact Roland with your sales enquiry so that we can direct you to the right dealer for you.

Why Buy From A Roland Authorised Dealer?

By purchasing machines and supplies from a Roland Authorised Dealer, you are guaranteed original Roland products, engineered to work as part of an overall package. This package provides you with the highest quality output and with the long-term reliability required to make sure that you get the best return on investment in the business.

Effective support of our user base is essential to Roland. As an organisation, we work very closely with our selected dealers to ensure that they have the required product knowledge, technical understanding, installation skills and ongoing support resources required to give you that effective support and to reflect our brand values.

Roland Authorised Dealers invest a great deal of time and money in supporting the Roland DG brand. You will benefit by ensuring you get the help you need in making the correct purchasing decisions for your business. The sale and installation of a Roland machine is just the start of a long term relationship. The success of your business is in our hands and the quality of our selected Authorised Dealers reflects this.

Beware of possible frauds

We have been informed by some of our Roland Authorised Dealers and customers that a selection of Roland DG products have been featured on several websites at considerably lower rates than actual market prices.

These websites are not run by Roland DG or our Authorised Dealers. Unfortunately, some companies have ordered and paid for Roland DG products on these sites and never received the goods, and have since lost contact with the seller.

Consequently, we advise all those looking to invest in Roland DG technology to contact the Roland office on
01275 335 540 or their official Roland DG Authorised Dealer.

Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation.


Roland Authorised Dealer