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Individuals created the world around us by giving form to their dreams and ideas. We believe imagination and ideas are our most powerful force, opening up limitless possibilities.

monoFab desktop tools are based on the 3D modelling technology that Roland DG pioneered and has continually enhanced since 1986. Incorporating both additive and subtractive 3D technologies, you can now realise your creativity like never before. The fabrication facility of the future is here - right on your own desk.

By combining the merits of both technologies, users do not have to restrict their creativity to the production constraints of one device.

The newly developed desktop ARM-10 3D printer features a proprietary projector lens and a choice of three Roland imageCure resins - rigid, flexible and rubberlike; creating 3D models using UV light. The acrylic resins becomes semi-transparent when cured. Post-processing, such as support removal, polishing, and adding colour are simple to do.

The SRM-20 is Roland’s latest generation desktop milling machine for the office, studio and educational environment. The SRM-20 incorporates innovative features, including a new spindle, collet, circuit boards and control software. The result is a leap forward in milling precision, speed and ease of use. The SRM-20 can mill a variety of non-proprietary materials typically used for prototyping, including modelling board, acrylic and wax.

The ARM-10 3D printer and SRM-20 milling machine both come with a 1 year RolandCare UK warranty for ultimate peace of mind.

The name monoFab is derived from the combination of the Japanese concept Monozukuri – the enjoyment of creating things and our long-standing concept of digital desktop fabrication tools.

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