EGX-600/400 Pro Series

Take full control of your production and create stunning results at a fraction of the cost of outsourcing. Powerful, professional and affordable, the EGX PRO series represents a true price vs. performance breakthrough, making it a popular workhorse for sign makers and industrial engravers.

The Product

Keep your work, your clients and your profits in-house. When you need an engraver with the power to produce professional brass plaques and the accuracy to engrave precision control panels and mimics, the EGX PRO series is for you. Don’t let others dictate your service quality - Roland EGX PRO engravers have the power, size and speed professional engravers need. In additional to personalised awards, corporate crests and promotional items, these benchtop devices are part of a complete solution for producing quality indoor and tactile and Braille signage.

"power, precision, size and speed
for professional engraving"

The EGX PRO series has a maximum engraving speed of 100mm/second and a maximum spindle speed of 30,000rpm. The machines can engrave a wide variety of materials, including wood, foam, plastic, acrylic and light metals such as brass and aluminium. Powerful and intuitive software VCarve PRO is included in the purchase price to make the pro series as easy and productive as possible. Features such as Text Merge and Sequential Numbering avoid typing errors and a full preview mode allows you to check your results before engraving.

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Price List
EGX-400 £7,499
EGX-600 £9,499

Why Buy Roland?

When you buy an EGX PRO series from Roland, you get a versatile and productive engraver. You also get the peace of mind knowing that you will be supported every step of the way by Roland. When you purchase an engraver from Roland, you are buying more than just a machine, you are buying a partnership.

"you are buying more than just an engraver,
you are buying a partnership"

Roland machines are designed and hand-built by Roland engineers. Each machine is provided with the software needed to perform the best job possible. What’s more, it comes at no extra cost with the purchase of your machine and you get free updates for life. This applies to all Roland branded software. Additional 3rd party software such as Vcarve Pro may be subject to upgrade charges when new numbered versions are released.

Finally, you get a RolandCare Service Agreement upon machine purchase and a complete installation and training package to ensure you know how to use your machine. The Roland DG Academy offers skill top up courses and new skills development, helping your business and people to evolve.

Complete Solution - Complete Reliability - Complete Support

Roland components are designed to work together for maximum quality and performance. Each product is supported by Roland Technical Support and by qualified Roland Engineers trained in the latest technology, processes and software to make sure that you receive the best possible service in the industry.

In addition to this, the after sales service of RolandCare and education available at the Roland DG Academy give you the complete solution with total reliability and fully comprehensive support.


Across our entire range, Roland products are designed to be easy-to-use, affordable and most of all are designed to help you make money.

Whether it’s a machine for production of value-adding products, training in new, portfolio-expanding skills or service in terms of technical support, Roland strives to offer you the complete solution.

To illustrate just how Roland can help make you money, please take a look at the following ROI example:

EGX-600/400 Pro Series - Return on Investment Example

Just 5 hours work per month could pay the typical monthly finance and cost of materials and still earn you over £300 profit!

With good profit margins, most PRO series engravers will earn between £100 and £250 per hour, depending on the application. Create anything: from brass plates to control panels, batch production laminate signs to house nameplates, from vandal-resistant signage to industrial labels and edge-lit acrylic signs... the possibilities are endless.


Roland DG Academy, in partnership with Walsall College, offers a range of courses tailored to specific industry needs, including digital print tutoring, vehicle wrapping and basic application training.

"a range of courses tailored
to specific industry needs"

Perfect for training new and existing employees, or discovering new markets and applications, the courses are designed for varying levels of knowledge and experience.

Benefits of the Roland DG Academy include:
  • Delivering education in a dedicated learning environment
  • Supplying a workforce with recognised transferable skills
  • Cross-fertilising ideas through mixed tutor groups
  • Learning on the latest state-of-the-art equipment
  • Training, cost-effective and improved efficiency within single location facilities

Technical Support

The Roland Technical Support team provides software, hardware and application support for the entire Roland range and consists of highly skilled engineers who are adept at problem solving and have a wealth of knowledge on Roland products and the industries the products are used in.

All members are comprehensively trained and provide phone, email and remote login support to ensure that your problem is solved as soon as is possible.

When technical support deems that a Roland Engineer is required, they will pass the necessary details on to the Service Team who will assign an engineer to visit according to your service level agreement. Much more than a standard "parts & labour" service, RolandCare Service Agreement packages are designed to provide responsive, flexible and cost effective support to ensure the continuing success of your business.

To raise a technical support question, call 0845 230 9060 or email

Tech suupport

Roland Technical Support Team

Our Technical Support Team pride themselves in helping you get up and running as quickly as possible. Meet the team and find out more about the support process.

Roland Engineers

We are the only company to have a full nationwide team of fully qualified Roland engineers dedicated to our users. Find out more about the people who are ready to maintain your Roland products.

Online Support Centre

Need some tips on using your machine? Have a problem with your machine? Visit our online support centre for the answer! Full of helpful hints and useful user manuals, the online support centre offers you the chance to improve your workflow and solve your issues with the latest in product support and help files.

RolandCare Service Agreements

Keeping your equipment running smoothly is as important to us as it is to you. RolandCare is a comprehensive support programme from Roland DG based on fixed prices and provides guaranteed levels of support for all Roland digital printing, cutting, engraving and 3D systems. No surprises, no fine print.