Specifically formulated for Roland’s VersaUV range of printers and print and cut machines. Cured using long-life LED UV lamps, ECO-UV ink dries instantly, has a wide colour gamut and delivers high quality graphics, print after print. ECO-UV ink firmly adheres to virtually any substrate, including foils, paper, clear films, vinyl, wood, leather, fabric, PET, ABS, PVC, polycarbonate and other plastics and with the aid of a primer, various metals.

ECO-UV ink delivers outstanding performance for applications calling for CMYK, white and clear coats. High opacity white ink can be used as a base coat to make colours stand out on dark backgrounds and clear materials. Clear ink can be layered into gloss or matt finishes for unique 3D textures and embossed effects.

Ideal for indoor and outdoor applications ranging from promotional products, giftware, labels, signage, industrial and consumer products, POP/POS displays and packaging prototypes, ECO-UV ink offers superior scratch and chemical resistance and consistent colour from cartridge to cartridge.

For those users of ECO-UV 2 or 4, there is now the option of an on-board Primer ink so you can quickly and conveniently image onto glass, shiny metallic surfaces and more*. Users can easily and precisely prep an object for customisation – printing Primer ink directly from a file in the VersaWorks Dual RIP before printing the full-colour graphic. This makes adding graphics to challenging materials much cleaner and more efficient.


  • Optimised for Roland’s VersaUV range of printers
  • Available in 6 colours - CMYK, White and Clear
  • On-board Primer ink option for the VersaUV LEF-200 & LEF-300 (ECO-UV 2 &4) means it’s easier than ever to customise glass other unique materials*
  • Can be printed onto virtually any substrate
  • High-opacity white ink is ideal as a base coat when printing rich, dense colours on clear and dark material
  • Clear ink can be used for gloss highlights and special effects, or as a protective shield for enhanced durability
  • Be creative with ECO-UV clear ink - choose from 72 ready to use textures available in the VersaWorks Texture library
  • With ECO-UV inks, the absence of ink reaction and absorption means colours will be consistent across different media types
  • Available in easy to use 220cc clean-hands cartridges
  • Rugged scratch resistance for durability
  • Adequate ventilation is recommended with the use of ECO-UV inks, such as a BOFA extraction unit available through Roland when purchasing a machine in the VersaUV series.

*Print quality or ink adhesion may vary according to the substrate used and it is strongly recommended to test the substrate for compatibility to ensure optimal print results.

Price List
ECO-UV 2/3 Ink 220cc £76.99
ECO-UV 2/4 Primer 220cc £64.99
ECO-UV 4 Ink 220cc £60.99
ECO-UV 4 Ink 500cc £109.99
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Rolands integrated printing and cutting technology is revolutionising the label, decal, membrane switch panel and packaging industries.
Roland's integrated printing and cutting technology is revolutionizing the label, decal, and packaging industries.