TrueVIS Ink

The Roland DG TrueVIS inks, designed exclusively to work with the TrueVIS series, offers consistent high quality printing – from excellent opacity for transparent window graphics to smooth gradations on darker shades, perfect skin tones and picture perfect imagery.

The inks are available in 500cc pouches that fit neatly into reusable cartridges, in a range of eight colours and two configurations:


CMYKLcLmLk plus White

The TrueVIS VG series runs in 7- or 8-colour formats, allowing you to choose the ink configuration that is right for you and your business.

TrueVIS ink is Greenguard and Greenguard Gold certified, further proving Roland DG’s dedication to produce environmentally friendly products.

Find out more about the TrueVIS series, Roland DG's premier printer/cutter series.


  • 7- and 8-colour configurations
  • Designed specifically for the TrueVIS series
  • Greenguard and Greenguard Gold certified
  • 500cc pouches

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Price List
TrueVIS Ink 500cc £75.99
TrueVIS White Ink £89.99