High volume production with low running costs; the SOLJET EJ-640

Cost efficient, high volume production is what the SOLJET EJ-640 is designed for. The ideal solution for intense print shop environments when perfect production on time, every time is essential. The next generation of Roland DG’s production intensive SOLJET series is here.

Keep up with the Competition

Running at high speed, the EJ-640 can easily produce up to 102m2 of media in just one hour – making our newest printer the ideal choice for your business. Race ahead of your competitors and take your print production to the next level with Roland DG technology.

Pay Pennies for Perfect Results

Outgoing ink costs have never been lower than with EJ INK; the vibrant solution to low cost production, with no reduction in quality. Available in bulk 1L CMYK cartridges, you can reduce the time you spend changing cartridges and focus on what’s really important – making a profit.

Never Stop with Roland DG technology

With the Roland Ink Switching System you get trouble-free continuous printing and increased production capability. The Roland OnSupport app allows for continued 24/7 production no matter where you are - and with dual CMYK, 2 litres of each colour provides enough ink for the EJ-640 to run on and on and on. 

Reliability without Compromise

A sleek, sturdy chassis ensures the EJ-640 provides unparalleled, stable production, while producing high-volume and quality output.  Able to support heavy media rolls, the EJ is the ideal choice for long, unattended print runs, with the reliability expected of Roland DG technology providing additional peace of mind.

Two Weeks is All You Need

The SOLJET EJ-640 can pay for itself in two weeks – that’s just 10 rolls of media. CLICK HERE to find out more in our ROI analysis.

The Complete Printing Solution

Combine your SOLJET EJ-640 with a CAMM-1 GX-640 cutter for the ultimate in next level production, with two devices at your disposal. The ideal solution for businesses with high cutting and print and cut production requirements. Get both together for a reduced cost of £19,999 - CLICK HERE for more information.

Free upgrade to latest version of VersaWorks Dual now available for existing customers

We are offering users the opportunity to upgrade their existing devices to the latest version of VersaWorks Dual RIP, free of charge.

*one print per business


  • 64" Wide Format Printer
  • Integrated Tri-Heater System
  • Dual eight-channel Piezo inkjet heads
  • Supports heavy roll media up to 40kg
  • VersaWorks Dual RIP software included
  • Keep up with the competition with 63m2 speeds
  • Pay pennies with low outgoing ink costs
  • Never stop with Roland OnSupport technology
  • The Complete Printing Solution

Price List
SOLJET EJ-640 £17,999
SOLJET EJ-640 ink 1000cc £94.99
Rolands industry leading printers include high-speed print modes, exceptional media feed and take-up systems and automated maintenance.
Rolands integrated printing and cutting technology is revolutionising the label, decal, membrane switch panel and packaging industries.
Roland's integrated printing and cutting technology is revolutionizing the label, decal, and packaging industries.