Modela MDX-40A


Rapid Prototyping is dramatically transforming the design and manufacturing processes and Roland’s desktop MDX-40A CNC milling machine has answered the call for a cost-effective, high precision and compact solution. The MDX-40A combines all the advanced capabilities of a CNC milling machine in an easy to use, powerful desktop Subtractive Rapid Prototyping (SRP) system, offering designers, product developers and engineers a highly versatile rapid prototyping solution that is less than half the cost of comparable additive prototyping systems.

Used to create realistic models, functional prototypes and moulds, the MDX-40A has an extremely attractive price/performance ratio and is compatible with a wide range of materials. You can also keep your ideas confidential since you don’t need to outsource the production of prototypes.

Affordable, precision milling with tight tolerances and an outstanding smooth finish is what the MDX-40A CNC mill does best. It produces highly accurate parts including those for complex snap-fits from an extensive range of non-proprietary materials including Acetal, ABS, chemical woods, acrylic, plaster, nylon, styrene and many medical grade materials including PEEK. The desktop MDX-40A is also compact enough to fit in any classroom, office or design studio and can also operate as a stand-alone CNC engraving machine, offering further flexibility and potential revenue streams.

SRP offers a number of significant advantages over additive rapid prototyping (ARP) or "3D printing" systems, making a combination of the two technologies the perfect prototyping solution. Lower cost of ownership and materials as well as no high cost maintenance contracts combined with the ability to produce prototypes from a much wider range of materials and with more precision and a smoother finish; means you have everything you need to produce outstanding functional and small batch production prototypes.

The MDX-40A has an optional rotary axis, providing unattended and uninterrupted 360°, four-sided and cylindrical milling, with its rotation device automatically turning the part or component until all sides have been milled. It also offers an optional 3D scanning sensor unit for reverse engineering and can be transformed into a highly accurate tool for digitising an existing part or mould.


  • Compact, subtractive desktop rapid prototyping and CNC milling machine
  • Rapid precision production of robust, functional prototypes and small batch production from a wide variety of non-proprietary materials
  • Significantly lower operating and material costs than Additive Rapid Prototyping Systems
  • Produces superior components and parts with smooth surfaces and accurate, tight-fitting precision
  • Large 305 x 305 x 105mm maximum work volume without rotary axis
  • Optional rotary axis (ZCL-40A) supports materials up to 270mm long by 120mm in diameter
  • High-precision spindle for decreased vibration
  • Software resolutions up to 0.01mm (0.000039 in.)
  • Optional 3D scanning sensor unit (ZSC-1) provides reverse engineering
  • Comes with Roland SRP Player CAM software included making it ideal for rapid prototyping and custom rapid manufacturing applications
  • Compatible with a wide range of file formats, including industry standard .STL.
  • ClickMill software included for quick drilling and profile cutting
  • For your assurance of quality products and service, the MDX-40A complies with international ISO 14001:2004 and 9001:2000 certifications
  • Includes a one year on-site full parts and labour RolandCare Silver warranty for ultimate peace of mind


  • Rotary axis unit (ZCL-40A) automatically positions parts for unattended 360° modelling
  • Contact scanning unit (ZSC-1) digitalises physical parts for use in reverse engineering, product design, woodworking, archiving and more

Price List
Modela MDX-40A £5,799
Rolands Subtractive Rapid Prototyping (SRP) solutions offer several low cost advantages over 3D printers and other rapid prototyping systems.
Prepare students for careers in sign making, graphic design, CAD/CAM, manufacturing and packaging design using Rolands market leading products.
Our 3D scanning products enable a range of materials to be modelled and concepts proven before committing to full production.