Modela Pro II MDX-540


Fast, accurate and affordable, the Roland Modela Pro II MDX-540 Subtractive Rapid Prototyping (SRP) device is a true leader in its field, exceeding all price vs performance measures against other forms of Rapid Prototyping including 3D printing.

This 4-axis desktop CNC device is a highly versatile machine that can create just about any prototype required from snap-fit and functional parts right through to light metal moulds and custom-designed jewellery.

Recognising that prototypes need to perform like the real thing, Roland’s MDX-540 can produce manufactured products that survive physical, structural and thermal tests. It’s why it’s so popular in industries such as aerospace, automotive, interior design, manufacturing & industrial, jewellery, education, confectionary, engineering and defence, where functional prototypes can be put to test in the field.

The MDX-540 can mill the most intricate detail and produce prototypes from a huge range of non-proprietary materials and popular engineered plastics such as ABS, Delrin and nylon as well as medical grade materials such as PEEK. The MDX-540 can also mill non-ferrous prototypes and moulds made from brass, copper and aluminium, enabling the creation of metal moulds for rapid injection moulding or EDM electrodes for production tooling.

The Modela PRO II MDX-540 is driven by a 400W spindle and uses a standard 13 amp power supply. It features a fully interlocked safety guard and USB connectivity and is supplied with its own powerful CAM software enabling you to turn CAD generated or scanned 3D files into finished parts in minutes.


  • High quality, accurate desktop milling of prototypes and production models
  • Produces functional prototypes for proof of concept and manufacturability testing
  • In-house milling shortens the design/development cycle and lowers product development costs
  • Cutting area of 500mm (X) x 400mm (Y) x 155mm (Z) (19.6 (X) x 15.7 (Y) x 6.1 (Z) in.)
  • Achieves smooth surface finish across a wide range of materials
  • 400W DC Brushless motor with increased torque for quick, accurate prototypes
  • Simple on-screen menus and operation panel makes setup and production easier than ever
  • The high precision MDX-540S models and optional Tool changer add enhanced precision and consistent, repeatable production
  • Advanced yet easy to use SRP Player CAM software included for prototyping process automation and uniform 3D scaling, 4-axis milling, and 3D part simulation in 5 easy steps.
  • Safety guard complete with interlocked cut off and Emergency stop switch.
  • Optional fourth rotary axis and automatic tool changer
  • For your assurance of quality products and service, the MDX-540 complies with international ISO 14001:2004 and 9001:2000 certifications
  • Includes a one year on-site full parts and labour RolandCare Silver warranty for ultimate peace of mind

Price List
Modela Pro II MDX-540 £14,999
Rolands Subtractive Rapid Prototyping (SRP) solutions offer several low cost advantages over 3D printers and other rapid prototyping systems.
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