Stickers and Labels

Custom Sticker Printing Machines

Whether you stick them on a laptop, a sports helmet or a car window, stickers are the ultimate print product for easy branding and labelling projects. With Roland DG print and cut machines, not only can you create your own kiss-cut stickers in different shapes and sizes, but you can also add laminate, gloss ink, metallic and other unique effects for luxurious and profitable stickers and labels.


Vinyl wall stickers

Brand Your World with Logo Stickers

Stickers are the ideal medium for bands, fashion, art, media and retail promotion, giving you the freedom to take your brand anywhere, stick it on products and packaging or hand them out as promotional items. Roland DG devices allow you to produce memorable and eye-catching logo stickers in vivid colour on a range of clear and white vinyls and film.
Vinyl wall stickers
Stickers applications
Stickers applications

Car and Bumper Stickers

Print thousands of car and bumper stickers with Roland DG printers and cutters. You can put messages, sports team graphics or your own custom designs on stickers and sell them as original products. Invest in a sticker machine to spread the word about your non-profit organisation or personal cause. Using high quality vinyl and eco-solvent inks, you can create durable, scratch-resistant stickers and decals that don't fade in the sun.

Printing sticker decals for helmets

Helmet Stickers and Decals

Get your motorsport livery into pole position with some stunning helmet decals. Roland DG's print-and-cut solutions can give your racing team the ideal finish and let you create durable, vibrant graphics for your helmets or bodywork. If you need to create logos for your sponsors, with a Roland you can hit brand-matched colours with ease.

Printing sticker decals for helmets
Stickers applications
Stickers applications

Kiss-Cut Labels for Product Packaging

Everyone knows it's what's inside that counts, but great packaging can help your product fly off the shelves. Give your product packaging the attention it deserves. Roland DG printers and cutters can help you produce bottle labels, craft product labels and labels for boxes and packaging. Use our print/cut machines for effortless custom perforated cutting and create original labels in any shape or size, with stunning colours and image quality.

Download our guide and learn how to make money with our print and cut devices
Download our guide and learn how to make money with our print and cut devices

Want to make money printing stickers?

The profit-making opportunities with sticker printing are enormous, but why stop with stickers? With a printer/cutter from Roland DG, you can make labels for food packaging, print high-definition signs and banners, or even start wrapping vehicles.

Download Making Money with your Print and Cut Device and you'll discover the wealth of opportunities that are waiting for you.

This free guide will give you ideas on new applications, outline the potential ROI and recommend the best technology to get your print-and-cut business off the ground!


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