RIP, ink and printer… the Roland “synergy” makes print perfection

“Synergy”. It’s a wonderful word. Synergy happens when two or more products, people or agencies work together to create something greater than the sum of their parts. Synergy happens in nature, in culture and in technology. When working at its best it simplifies the production process or improves the experiences of the user. To discover how synergy works in wide format you need to ask what’s important when looking for a new printer?

Let’s put the consideration of price to one side for the moment and accept that you want to buy the very best quality machine you can afford with proven reliability and a great track record. What else is on the list? Ink technology has to be important, as are the substrates you want to print on, as these will guide you in choosing the ink technology which is best for you; be that eco-solvent, latex or UV.

Do you want an integrated print & cut device or print only? What about print speeds? And how versatile do you want your new machine to be? Is ease of maintenance a factor? Head spinning yet? Okay, let’s focus on priorities. These are all important factors, but you need every element of your machine to work together in harmony. In perfect synergy. And that's why the printer’s RIP software must be among the main considerations when choosing the best printer for you and your business.

Learn to love your RIP

Wide format printers are constantly evolving and it’s vital the software you use keeps pace. Imagine a Porsche 911 Carrera S with its 400 horsepower, 3.8 litre engine. Now imagine what would happen if all that power was pushed through the gearbox of a 1908 Ford Model T. Doesn’t bear thinking about does it? You should think of your RIP as the gearbox for your printer. It should help you get the best out of your machine, including increased versatility and faster print speeds.

Roland VersaWorks Dual from design to RIP

Most people in the print world change their hardware more frequently than their software, but before parting with their hard-earned cash few spend any time researching which RIP will best suit their workflow and help improve their productivity. Even fewer consider which RIP will be the cheapest to update (a very important factor for the future -more of which later), or ask which RIP is the easiest to use.

Most of today’s RIPs are packed with features such as:

  • automatic nesting
  • variable data printing
  • Pantone colour libraries
  • tiling modules
  • ICC library availability
  • auto white and gloss spot colour generators
  • ability to drive multiple devices, and much more.

Thanks to these features you can save valuable time and money. They make it quick and easy to bring your file into the RIP, set it up and hit print – safe in the knowledge that what comes out of the printer will be what you and your customer were expecting.

Roland VersaWorks Dual manages variable data

Keep your RIP updated

But what happens when a new version of your RIP is launched with updated features? With the majority of RIPs, this means hefty costs to upgrade – which can really add up over the lifetime of your printer. However, Roland customers know that we like to do things a little differently. We provide all software upgrades for free. You also get free firmware updates for your hardware during the life of your machine, but that’s a subject for another day.

Roland recently launched VersaWorks Dual, the RIP now supplied with all our new printers and integrated printer/cutters. This means that you now get the most advanced RIP software available included in the cost of your new device. And as well as including all the features mentioned above, plus a whole lot more, VersaWorks Dual has both postscript and PDF RIP engines, which means that whether you are sending a JPEG, TIFF,EPS, or a PDF file with complicated layers and transparencies, VersaWorks Dual outputs everything correctly – first time, every time.

Roland VersaWorks Dual manages drag and drop function

Roland Synergy

The combination of the best printer using the correct ink driven by the most advanced RIP – we call it “Roland synergy” – is vital to achieving optimum performance from all three components.
And VersaWorks Dual – as with previous Roland DG RIP software – has been tailor-made to perfectly integrate with and drive Roland DG printers. In harmony, they provide peerless production performance; minimal file set-up time, minimal ink to print the job and minimal costs to stay up-to-date with the latest developments and ICC profiles. Cost-effective, fast, regularly updated and top quality outcomes. We told you synergy was a wonderful word.

In a PSP market where customers make ever greater demands on time, and margins are always tight, Roland makes sure our customers have a little more of both. And that’s a wonderful thing too. For more information contact your local Roland dealer. Print perfection is just a click away.

#WithRoland there’s more than just a printer in the box

Rob Goleniowski

Rob Goleniowski has worked for Roland DG for over 11 years, dipping his toe's into all the core product groups – eco-solvent print, UV print, cutting and engraving technology, plus dye-sublimation textile – which puts him in good stead for his role as Head of Sales. Rob is passionate about supporting the UK & Ireland dealer channel and helping printers and graphics companies grow their businesses.