Take a break! Your Roland is in safe hands with these tips

You and your team deserve a break! But what will happen to your equipment if the business shuts down for a few days or weeks over the holidays? 

Fear not, thanks to the superior design and built in technology, lot of your pre-break to-do list is covered by the clever automatic cleaning systems fitted in Roland DG printing equipment, which work when you don't. Before you head out for long weekend (or even just overnight) remember to leave the primary power source switch on at the back, this will enable the automatic maintenance system to do its stuff, keeping the device spick and span for when you get back to the print room.

You can also make sure your Roland systems are working at their maximum efficiency level by following some simple maintenance instructions included in your device's user manual which will ensure you keep your Roland DG product in tip top condition. Keep a cleaning kit to hand with swabs so you can perform user maintenance – they're specifically designed for Roland machines so really make life easier. 
Make a quick check of the pad cutter before a holiday and replace it if necessary – your equipment deserves a new vacation outfit too and they're easily obtainable from your local Roland Technical Service Centre.

If you have any questions, the Engineers at RolandCare official Technical Service Centres know the equipment back to front, so really are the best people to speak with.

Finally, sit back, relax and enjoy your time off. With Roland DG you know you're in safe hands, whether you're in the print room or on the sofa sleeping off your Christmas dinner!