Dental milling machines: wet or dry - which is best for you and why?

They say that size matters, and when it comes to dental milling machines the concept of manufacturing a smaller and lighter device while still retaining consistent, perfect precision, was the manufacturers’ Holy Grail for decades.

That was then, and this is now. In recent years, we have seen milling units shrink from expensive, room-sized machines that weighed more than a truck and required a reinforced floor to sit on, to neat, lightweight, and affordable desktop devices with a footprint perfect for the smallest dental laboratory.

Roland has over 30 years’ experience in developing desktop milling machines, and has shipped over 5500 dental milling machines worldwide, which means we can talk about every aspect of the latest milling technology with confidence.

But of all the fantastic machines we provide, which is best for you?

Take a few minutes to read 'Wet and Dry Milling Solutions' and you will discover:

  • Why DGSHAPE has deliberately chosen to separate the wet and the dry milling processes rather than combine them in one machine
  • Which system is best for the materials you use, and why
  • The unique benefits of each milling system in the DGSHAPE range.

The entire digital workflow process ends here, with the milling machine you choose. Discover how quickly you can join the digital revolution, and how easy Roland technology is to use. Within hours of being unpacked, your new dental milling machine can start earning you money and do so much more for your business.

Wet or dry? Which is the best for you and why? Download our brochure today to find out.

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