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It’s YOUR Garden! Creating Custom Garden Gifts with Roland DG

Now that the summer is here, you’ll want to spend a bit of time in the garden – but not just any old garden – YOUR garden.

Whether you’re weeding, pruning, flipping burgers or sipping Pimm’s, you deserve an outdoor experience that fits your personality. You want those individual pruning shears with matching gardening gloves that you found on Etsy. If nothing else, you just want the neighbours to know that deep down, you’re just better than them!

The demand for that ‘something special’ has exploded in recent years and savvy business owners have found lots of ways to capitalise on custom garden gifts. With the right tech and a little imagination, there’s virtually no limit to the creative applications you could make and sell to an insatiable client base.

Pop on your flip-flops and your funky shades and step into our garden of custom delights!

Custom Garden Equipment

printing onto plastic tool handles

Customised garden tools make great gifts – and it’s also the perfect way to avoid those long-term-borrowing situations! You can add the personal touch in a few ways – with a CNC milling machine, you can engrave names onto wooden handles, or even print directly onto plastic handles with a UV printer.

engraving onto metal spade

With the same technology, you can print directly onto metal, or you could use an impact engraver to etch monograms or complete messages onto metal surfaces.

Personalised Gardening Attire

These make great gifts, but there’s also a great market out there in the landscaping industry. There are loads of garden contractors out there who would step on their rakes to get their hands on fully branded workwear! Here, dye-sublimation is your best friend.

custom garden gifts printing onto gloves

You can get great results printing onto fabric and it opens the doors for a range of applications like customised aprons, one-of-a-kind wellies or some snazzy, personalised gardening gloves.

Garden Shed Customisation

If you have a garden full of brightly coloured flowers, it seems a shame to spoil the view with an average, everyday garden shed. With a wide format, flatbed printer, you could take any design you like and print it directly onto the wood of each wall panel, or you could pimp your shed with printed vinyl decals.

impact printing onto metal lock

If that’s not personalised enough for you, you could keep everything safe with a custom, impact engraved padlock!

Vinyl Wrapping Garden Equipment

printed vinyl decals on garden tools

Not everybody likes pushing a lawnmower around… because it’s frankly quite boring. BUT once you slap on some go-faster stripes, the whole experience gets a lot more fun! With your own custom designed garden power tools, you’ll be looking for jobs just so you can show them off!  

Sublimation Printing Garden Accessories

dye sublimation printing on deck chair fabric

Even with a fancy shed full of awesome, one-of-a-kind tools, you’ll want to relax and enjoy the weather (while it lasts). All you’ll need is a direct-to-fabric sublimation printer, some fabric and some wooden frames and BOOM – you’ve got a custom deckchair business!

dye sublimation printing on umbrella

With just a few tweaks, you can even create made-to-order umbrellas… because it's the UK after all!

An Ice-Cold Drink!

Whether you’re soaking up the rays in your deckchair, or waiting underneath your umbrella for ANOTHER shower to pass, summer is the time for a cold beverage! The great thing is, you’re absolutely spoiled for choice – with the explosion in microbrewers and independent soft drinks manufacturers, there’s a tipple for every palette.

Even if it’s what’s inside that counts, an eye-catching label will ensure those bottles jump off the shelves. With a relatively small investment, you could designate a corner of your brewery to a high-quality, easy-to-use print-and-cut machine.

We could think of hundreds of other applications to celebrate the summer, but the clouds could roll in at any moment and we don’t want to miss out on that precious vitamin-D!

That means it’s over to you! If you’re doing something sunny with your Roland machine, share a photo with us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and don’t forget to take the time to enjoy the weather for yourself!