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Customising jewellery

People are willing to spend big money for jewellery, but did you know that 1 in 5 customers would be willing to spend 20% more for personalised jewellery? With this desire for unique, custom jewellery a creative and lucrative market has opened up for printing companies. What was once the realm of highly trained craftspeople has now, thanks to digital imaging technology like metal engraving machines, you don't have to be a fine jewellery artisan to offer beautiful, fun and unique items to your customers. Here are just a few ideas to inspire you.

Impact Engraved Engagement sets

The exchange of engagement rings is a time-honoured tradition, but why not innovate and do things your way with matching jewellery for an engagement gift set? With a desktop engraver, it only takes a few minutes to etch a high-quality photo of the happy couple onto a pendant. Instead of just declaring your love with a ring, a personalised engagement pendant is a visual memento that can be worn next to the heart.

Read our latest case story on Factory Fotografía – a photography business that found a new niche in impact engraving photographs onto jewellery, promotional goods and custom gifts.

personalised engraved metal engagement ring and pendant

Immortalise that special moment with a personalised engagement set 

Printed Fingerprint rings

And for the wedding band itself, nothing says ‘one of a kind’ like a ring decorated with the fingerprint of the bride or groom? Also perfect for engagements, anniversaries or just for fun, an exact replica of an individual's fingerprint is the epitome of personalisation. Gift businesses could use the same technique to create engraved christening bangles, custom charm bracelets or personalised pendants. 

Fingerprint engraved onto metal ring

Fingerprint jewellery is most definitely unique

Engraved Medical ID jewellery

For many people, it's crucial to carry information about allergies, medical conditions and emergency contact details. In the past however, these medical ID bracelets have lacked a certain style. With a desktop impact engraver, it’s easy to personalise any item of jewellery and etch those important medical details onto any personal ID jewellery you like. A bracelet, wristband or necklace is ideal for conveying such important information in an attractive and personal way.

personalised medical alert jewellery

Medical art jewellery can be beautiful as well as functional

Customised Pet tags and owner pendants 

In the UK, 66% of owners buy accessories for their pets and on average, Brits spend £1,150 per year on their beloved animals (One Poll, 2015). If your cat or dog goes off on a little adventure, a collar tag ensures that your lost dog or cat is reunited with its human. But as well as a name and phone number, impact printing lets you add anything you like, including a photo like this one. In fact, many owners would love matching jewellery to show the special bond they have with their pet – a great application for printers and gift businesses.

Impact engraving lets your doggo and its human share matching jewellery

Impact engraving lets your doggo and its human share matching jewellery!

Unique Christmas Tree Decorations 

Whether it’s Christmas, New Year, weddings, graduations, special birthdays, anniversaries or the birth of a new baby, family celebrations call for unique decorations that last. Each year, families gather to decorate their trees, and it can take hours as they reminisce over the history of each decoration. As special commemorative Christmas tree ornament is the perfect family gift that can be displayed time and time again. 

customised christmas tree ornaments engraved metal

Make every christmas special with high-end personalised ornaments

In the creative and innovative world of engraved metal gifts, this small selection is just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to grow your personalisation business with Roland DG impact printing systems, you’re restricted only by your imagination. Small or large, fun or fancy, the options – and opportunities for your business – are practically endless. 

jewellery personalisation with impact engraving