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Every Roland business has a story to tell and were so excited to hear them

Which one word tells your Roland Hero story? Love? Family? Detail? Creativity?

If you had to choose one word to describe you, your business and how you use your Roland device, what would it be? Which single expression would you use to encapsulate your ethos, your vision, your day-to-day life? 

This year we're celebrating the Roland Hero Awards, recognising our amazing users across the region. Every Roland business has a story to tell and we're so excited to hear them – so we can share it with the world. Get involved by telling us about your business, your history, present and future, the people you work with, your ideas and innovations, and how you use your Roland equipment to create incredible work. 

We've uncovered some inspiring stories from across Europe and for each of them a single word stands out. For Peak UK, the word glory comes to mind: this British business is continuing a 200-year legacy of textile innovation by developing Olympic medal-winning sportswear. 

Glory is the word for Roland Hero Peak UK s

Progress is a great word to describe CarDsign from the Netherlands. This family company has expanded over three decades to meet changing customer demand, using the latest Roland systems. In Italy we discovered the entrepreneur behind Copicad, a keen mountain biker living the dream by founding a cycle graphics brand, and in Hungary we learned why NagyPR derives such satisfactionfrom its work.

It's these little words that best describe why Peak UK, CarDsign, Copicad and NagyPR are Roland Heroes. What makes you a Roland Hero? Are you inspirational, entrepreneurial, innovative or creative? Unique, selfless or edgy? Is it all about courage, delight or surprise? Or do determined, selfless or unique sum you up? It could be, simply, happy.


Don't worry, you don't have to settle on one word; we'd like you to share your story about how you use your Roland equipment and/or what it’s helped you achieve in your business or personal life. Get your thinking caps on and submit your story by 31st October 2018. One lucky customer who best encapsulates what it means to be a Roland Hero wins an incredible prize and everyone who enters gets awesome perks to shout about. We're looking forward to hearing your stories. 

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