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Roland technology helps fishing brands reel in business mobile

Roland technology helps fishing brands reel in business

Roland users create truly fantastic work on their devices and we’re always really amazed by their ideas. Recently we discovered Gan Craft, which uses its Roland VersaUV LEF UV printer to print incredibly lifelike fish lures.

They were on display at the Fishing Show Osaka in Japan and visitors were amazed by how lifelike they were – although some might have wondered if these fish were more technologically advanced than usual!

Japanese brand Gan Craft set up its LEF at a fishing show in Osaka

Thanks to the versatility of its Roland VersaUV LEF printer, Japanese brand Gan Craft was able to print directly onto fish-shaped lures in CMYK and white and even add realistic textures like fish scales.

Products like these palm-sized lures can be printed one at a time or in batches of a dozen or more at once in a jig, all sporting their own unique design. Gan Craft even set up its VersaUV LEF at the Fishing Show Osaka, a major fishing event featuring angling equipment and information, to inspire visitors.

Products like these plam sized lures can be printed one at a time or in batches using a jig 

Benchtop VersaUV LEF printers can be used to add unique designs and personalisation to a huge variety of small objects and materials, directly, quickly and brilliantly. In fact, fishing fans could have all of their equipment customised: reels, rods, bait boxes, bite alarms, angling scales, catapults and more can all sport each angler's preferred design, text and colour.

Roland technology helps fishing brands reel in business featured hp image 

Another member of the Roland 3D family, the MDX-540 benchtop milling machine, is used by some angling equipment makers to prototype fishing lures of the kind customised by Gan Craft. This CNC milling system is ideal for small products like this, bringing an idea to real, 3D life.

Fabric items can be customised too, using Roland dye-sublimation equipment. On the Roland Texart, angling fans could see their chairs, umbrellas, jackets and waders personalised just for them, from camouflage colours to eye-catching designs.

The Roland VersaUV LEF can print onto almost anything but these arent real fish

To see Roland UV printers, Texart dye-sublimation printers or MDX CNC mills in action, contact us today. Innovative businesses all over the globe use these amazing systems to create all sorts of things for the fishing industry and many other markets besides.

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