Vivas Banners choose Roland for A-List brands

Vivas Banners

When the San Francisco Marathon contacted Vivas Banners just a week after owner Luis Vivas started the company – with the slogan 'online and on time' – to order 20 banners by Saturday, it was great news. But there was a problem: Luis didn't actually have any printing equipment.

Together with a friend who had a large-format machine, Luis produced 200 banners and kicked off his business with gusto. But it was quality, and not quantity, that matters to Vivas Banners.

Word spread and business grew from the inauspicious beginnings in Luis's California apartment, and soon he was getting calls from big brands – including an order from Lucasfilm, the studio behind the original Star Wars and Indiana Jones films. But the equipment being used by Vivas Banners wasn't up to the Lucasfilm job, so the down payment on the project was used to buy a Roland SOLJET XR-640 printer/cutter.

"Roland gave us the elegance – that 'plus' we were looking for in our business. Quality is our number one priority for every single client."

"I got a feel for the quality and reliability of Roland's products at a trade show in Vegas, and I knew that was what we needed to give us the edge for this job," he explains.

Running non-stop, the SOLJET XR-640 worked to produce wall graphics for 15 walls, all of which required a colour proof, and one which featured an old photograph blown up to 30' x 9'.

"The proofs that came off the Roland, they approved right away," says Luis.

In addition to the Roland SOLJET XR-640, Vivas Banners now also uses a Roland TrueVIS VG-640 64" printer/cutter. Both use Roland inks – 'because our clients deserve the quality', Luis says.

Sephora, Madame Tussauds, Nike, Nissan, Facebook, The Gap and Google number among the A-list brands on the Vivas Banners client books, but every customer deserves the best.

"You never know who's calling you. Quality is our number one priority for every single client," says the entrepreneur.

"Roland gave us the elegance – that 'plus' we were looking for in our business."

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