Personalised trophies, plaques, and medals with digital printing


Looking for a fast and economical way to personalise trophies and awards?

With a digital print solution, you can open a world of new possibilities with your trophy and award business. 

Big achievements deserve big rewards! People who take part in competitions love the glory of success, but they really love taking home a special, personalised memento of the occasion.  

Digital printing technology allows you to personalise trophies, medals, and plaques made of various materials, like metal, acrylic, or wood by adding logos, text, and images.

Roland DG offers you two revolutionary technologies depending on the material and type of personalisation you need.



The Metaza MPX-95 engraver is a cost-effective and easy-to-use device for anyone who would like to distinguish trophies and medals made of gold, steel, silver, and titanium.

Without creating residue, noise, or odours, users can add details of photograph quality and text to an engraving area as small as 1 mm² and as large as 6,500 mm².


  1. Print short runs with very low production costs.
  2. Compatible with numerous materials.
  3. No residue, noise, or odour
  4. Engrave photographs and images with high definition.
  5. Automatically print various pieces of information in order to personalise trophies and medals with the winners’ names.
  6. UV PRINTER Trophies and medals with colour and relief

The VersaUV LEF series from Roland DG lets you print directly onto any object using a system of LED bulbs that cure the ink instantly. With this you can print on a large variety of materials without prior treatment, like acrylic, wood, metal, or glass.


  1. Print short runs with very low production costs.
  2. Compatible with numerous materials.
  3. Reduces production times.
  4. Boasts CMYK, white, and varnish ink, perfect for creating Braille or textures.
  5. Print photographs and images with colour and gradients.
  6. Automatically print variable data for customising trophies and medals with the winners’ names.

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