UV digital printing technology lets you to print directly onto any object using a system of LED bulbs that cure the ink instantly. With this technology, you can print on a large variety of materials with no need for prior treatment.

Since the UV ink is cured instantly, your printed items can be handled immediately, increasing the rate of production.

Keep reading to see how your screen or pad printing business can benefit from this revolutionary technology. 


Possibilities of UV printing

The type of results achieved by our VersaUV LEF range

1. Print short runs with very low production costs.

2. Compatible with numerous materials.

3. Reduce production times.

4. Boasts CMYK, white and varnish ink (perfect for creating Braille or textures) 

5. Print photographs and images with colour and gradients.

6. Prints high-definition images (up to 1440p).

7. Can print various designs simultaneously.

8. Can automatically print various pieces of information letting you add unique names, photos and other elements.


Thousands of applications at a lost printing cost

Endless applications with digital UV printing technology

Choose from a wonderful range of UV printers from Roland DG, capable of printing on practically any material, rigid or flexible.

Open a new world of opportunities to increase your creativity, explore new markets, and earn more money.

Three Roland DG models based on your business volume:

Production scale with our VersaUV LEF range

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