DWX-51D 5-axis dental milling machine
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Meet the new DWX-51D

DWX-51D 5-Axis Dental Milling Machine

The DWX-51D is designed for effortless, precision production of dental prosthetics from bridges and crowns to inlays, onlays, abutments and copings. With a host of automated features and a clean, stable work environment, the DWX-51D is the perfect solution for labs wanting to increase production or those looking to get into digital milling for the first time.

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DWX-51D Side Shot
DWX-51D Side Shot

Built for you, and built to last

For over 30 years, Roland DG has been the trusted provider of milling machines that are built to last. The DWX-51D 5-Axis Dental Milling Machine is no exception. After extensive research in which lab technicians were asked what they needed in a production mill, the DWX-51D was developed to enhance user experience, maximise ease-of-use and improve output quality. Built with a simple and modern design, the DWX-51D appears as effortless as it operates.

Distinguishing Features

  • 5-axis simultaneous operation for non-stop precision milling
  • Ball screw-driven system ensures no-loss of tension, calibration and production
  • New C-clamp for easy adjustment and alignment
  • 10-station Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) for continuous milling
  • Powerful vacuum and anti-static ioniser for clean calibration and dust reduction
  • Supplied ready for connection to extractor

Ultimate Convenience and Ease of Use

A variety of new features ensure continuous, user-friendly milling, including:

  • Sturdy aluminium frame ensures stability, while slim design fits nearly any lab space
  • Easy access tool drawer properly stores and protects tools
  • Colour-coded LED status lights signal current job progress
  • Virtual Machine Panel (VPanel) allows users to configure settings from their computer, send CAM data to the DWX-51D for production, and track milling progress
  • Easily accessible cutting area for simple tool replacement and cleaning
DWX-51D and DWX-4W
DWX-51D and DWX-4W

Two New Dental Mills Designed with You in Mind

For the dry milling of zirconia and other popular materials, the DWX-51D offers the best in performance and value. For those looking to expand production into the wet milling of glass ceramics, running the DWX-4W with the DWX-51D offers the most flexible and productive wet and dry milling solution.

Using separate wet and dry DWX devices gives you the confidence to take on the maximum amount of glass ceramic and zirconia restorations without the need for time-consuming, back-and-forth set-up and cleaning of a single machine.