Model Description
EUV-CY / EUV4-CY ECO-UV ink 220cc Cyan
EUV-MG / EUV4-MG ECO-UV ink 220cc Magenta
EUV-YE / EUV4-YE ECO-UV ink 220cc Yellow
EUV-BK / EUV4-BK ECO-UV ink 220cc Black
EUV-WH / EUV4-WH ECO-UV ink 220cc White
EUV-GL / EUV4-GL ECO-UV ink 220cc Gloss
SL-CL Cleaning liquid 1 pc
* Primer ink adhesion may vary depending on substrate and conditions. Testing ink adhesion prior to production is recommended.

Optional air filtration system

An optional air filtration system is available for the VersaUV LEF-12i. This includes an activated carbon filter, ink storage facility and automatic on / off functionality. This unit can be placed easily underneath the LEF-12i.