Model Description
EUV-CY ECO-UV Ink Cyan, 220cc
EUV-MG ECO-UV Ink Magenta, 220cc
EUV-YE ECO-UV Ink Yellow, 220cc
EUV-BK ECO-UV Ink Black, 220cc
EUV-WH ECO-UV Ink White, 220cc
EUV-GL ECO-UV Ink Gloss, 220cc
EUV4-CY ECO-UV 4 Ink Cyan, 220cc
EUV4-MG ECO-UV 4 Ink Magenta, 220cc
EUV4-YE ECO-UV 4 Ink Yellow, 220cc
EUV4-BK ECO-UV 4 Ink Black, 220cc
EUV4-WH ECO-UV4  Ink White, 220cc
EUV4-GL ECO-UV4  Ink gloss, 220cc
SL-CL Cleaning Liquid, 220cc

Optional air filtration system

An optional air filtration system is available for the VersaUV LEF-200. This includes an activated carbon filter, ink storage facility and automatic on / off functionality. This unit can be placed easily underneath the LEF-200.