Renault F1 team sports focus page and why they choose Roland DG

“Downtime is not an option…”

In the fast-paced world of competitive motorsports, there’s no room for error. At Renault F1® Team, every part of their cars is tested and refined with nanometric accuracy to get the best possible performance.

Because accuracy and reliability are so important to Renault F1® Team, they’ve chosen to invest in equipment manufactured by Roland DG. From high-quality prints to precision-milled components, Roland’s devices have changed the way Renault F1® Team operate letting them get closer to pole position.


With several corporate sponsors involved, Roland’s print and cut solutions help Renault hit brand colours and maintain consistency across an entire Formula One season and beyond.


Throughout the Formula One season, Renault F1® Team always carries 30 versions of every sticker on their cars, so they can be replaced if needed.
Renault F1® Team use Roland cutters and printer/cutters to create signage and window lettering for their technical centre in Oxfordshire.
Exclusive posters make excellent giveaways and Renault F1® Team can easily produce high-quality printed material in-house.


The racers for the Renault F1 team display burger boxes that have been created by Roland DG print and cut machines.

Joe McNamara, Head of Paint and Graphics, Renault F1 Team
Joe McNamara, Head of Paint and Graphics, Renault F1 Team

"It's comforting to know that, if necessary, I can find a graphics company with a TrueVIS VG2 that is local to the track, to whom I can email a file and all they need to do its hit 'play' at their end to produce perfect stickers. I won't see a difference between their stickers and ours.” Joe McNamara, Head of Paint & Graphics.

Renault F1 have a range of milling machines including a Roland MDX milling machine.


Aside from printing and cutting technologies, Renault F1® Team uses four Roland MDX-540 milling machines to manufacture Rohacell® foam cores for some car parts that require this dense but very lightweight foam sheet material.


Joe McNamara, Head of Paint and Graphics, Renault F1 Team
Joe McNamara, Head of Paint and Graphics, Renault F1 Team

"The Roland MDX machines are known here as phenomenal workhorses, they just don't go wrong." Joe McNamara, Head of Paint & Graphics.
Designs printed onto burger boxes using the TrueVIS  range

Custom Burger Boxes

Renault’s star drivers, Carlos Sainz and Nico Hülkenberg, were each tasked with making a custom burger for their teammate using specially selected ingredients to reflect their personalities. The exchange of burgers was set to occur in front of photographers and TV media, so they needed bespoke burger boxes befitting of the occasion. 

After experimenting with some different solutions and materials, the designs were printed on matte vinyl with the TrueVIS VG-640, which was then applied card and cut with the CAMM-1 GR-640, before the cartons were finished and glued by hand.

Designs printed onto burger boxes using the TrueVIS  range
Sign and Digital 2018 - Roland DG competition winners.
Sign and Digital 2018 - Roland DG competition winners.

Making F1 Dreams Come True

In partnership with Renault F1® Team, Roland were also able to offer guests the opportunity to win a selection of F1 experiences at Sign and Digital UK 2018. These included a VIP Enstone Technical Centre discovery experience, a trip to the British Grand Prix in Silverstone and a chance to see the Hungarian Grand Prix.

If your business demands the same accuracy and reliability as Renault F1® Team, Roland have a solution for you. With thousands of satisfied users in industries from print services to product design, our devices can help you go further. If you want to know more, click the button to get in touch.