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  • Do you use genuine parts?

    Yes, our engineers only use 100% genuine Roland parts.

  • Do we have to use Roland ink to be covered?

    Yes – using third-party ink will void your warranty.

  • What would normally be covered as part of my preventative maintenance visit?

    Full hardware check, parts replacement, firmware/software upgrade, training and advice.
  • Can I cover my machine with RolandCare if it hasn’t been covered before?

    RolandCare can cover many current and older machines. Please call 01275 335540 to discuss covering an older machine.

  • Do I get a discount if I have more than one machine on RolandCare?

    Yes - if you have multiple machines please contact us to align your warranty start dates.

  • Will Roland repair my machine if it's not covered by RolandCare?

    Yes - an engineer can repair your machine on a time and material basis.

  • Can I buy more than 1 year’s cover when buying my machine?

    Yes - A maximum of 4 additional years can be purchased on select models.

  • When will I receive a call back from Tech Support?

    Between 1 and 10 hours, depending on your level of cover.

  • When will an Engineer arrive on site?

    Arrival times are dependent on your level of cover.

  • When will I receive a call regarding an Engineer visit?

    We will contact you the day before your Engineer visit is due.

  • Where can I find my machine serial number?

    Look for a sticker on the right-hand side or the rear of the machine.

  • Where can I find the safety data sheets for Roland DG inks?

    You can find and download Roland's safety data sheets here.

  • Where can I find information on the end of life support for my machine?

    You can find this information on our global's website here.

  • Can I upgrade my machine ink type?

    If you own a TrueVIS SG or VG printer cutter, you can upgrade your machine to accommodate TR2 ink. To find out more information please click here.

Customer Care Helpline

01275 335540

Our opening hours are 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Before you call, please ensure you have the following:

  • The device’s serial number*
  • The registered company name
  • The registered address
  • Ink type & configuration

*There is a silver sticker on the right-hand side, or on the left underneath the power port.