RolandCare Dental Extended Warranties - Prices

RolandCare Extended Warranties for dental milling machines offer your business the ultimate peace of mind, knowing your machine is being cared for by the people who designed and built it.

If you would like to enquire about RolandCare Extended Warranty Cover for your machine, please call us on 01275 335540.

Interested in saving money on your RolandCare Extended Warranty?

You can save 5% for each additional year purchased, up to 25%. CLICK HERE to find out more.

Dental model Gold Silver Bronze
DWX-4W £3,520 £2,200 £1,980
DWX-50 £3,090 £1,760 £1,320
DWX-51D £3,300 £1,980 £1,540
DWX-52DC £3,500 £2,180 £1,740